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TikTok adds a music sheet for the selected artists

enero 15, 2020

The card would allow you to browse the songs and albums of individual artists and use them later for videos

A new music card on TikTok being tested Music was the key to the rise of TikTok, and now, the lucky app of short creative videos, would be testinga new feature on the profiles of selected artists.TikTok, which to date one of the most downloaded apps of the last decade and which allows users to make short video productions of dance, acting and karaoke, has largely influenced young people, also offering commercial opportunities.

New music card on TikTok

As can be seen in this example, shared by the social media expertMatt Navarra, the new test would provide for the presence of a third "music" tab added to artist profiles. Touching the music note icon on the left you would see a list of all the songs by the artists available in the app. Users could then touch the icon to use these songs in their videos.

Basically the songs would be released directly by the artists on their profiles. A fairly logical and simple addition to TikTok, which, as noted, will help users of the social network to discover music, while helping the app to establish a better connection with the artists themselves, offering them more options to disseminate and promote their music.

new music card on TikTok

This could therefore be the last novelty of the TikTok platform aimed at getting and keeping on board influential users. Recall that to datethere was only a mixed list of tracks to be added as backgrounds for the videos.But now, it will be possible to add any song of our choice directly from the accounts of the verified artists. You can choose to upload parts of the artists' songs for up to 15 seconds and sing together as much as you want.

However, the new music card on TikTok in recent tests. This new feature would make the app even more interesting and easy to use for both veteran and novice users.

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