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The iPhone battery killer is called Facebook, here is the solution

enero 15, 2020

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<p dir=Does the iPhone battery drop faster and faster? It seems a common problem for all users of the Apple device, and many, including us, are giving resolutions on how to save battery power. But it seems that the real culprit is Facebook, which according to an ex-Apple Genius, the iOS application of Zuckerberg's social media, seems to be one of the major causes of battery consumption.

Scotty Loveless on his blog wrote: ……. dDuring this test, Facebook continued to appear at the top of the list of processes, even though I wasn't using it. So, I tried to disable the location services and background updates of the Facebook application, and you would never guess what happened: the percentage of my device's battery increased, jumping from 12% to 17%. Crazy. I have never seen anything like this happen on an iPhone.

This says it all about who the battery killer of our iPhonetherefore, if you want to continue using Facebook, the advice is to reduce the damage and follow the advice of Scotty Loveless, who suggests that we disable the location services and updates of the app by following these simple steps:

  • We go in Settings> Privacy> Location, go down to find Facebook and turn it off.
  • Now we also disable the switch for background updates by going to Settings> General> Background app update, go down to find Facebook and disable it.

These two simple changes will allow you to extend battery life.

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