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The G4e arrives at 700MHz

enero 15, 2020

700MHz G4e arrives – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

According to the British and always well informed "The Register", Motorola has completed the development phase of the PowerPC G4e, also known as "G4 Plus" or the success of the PowerPC 7400 (the G4 fitted as standard on all high-end Macs currently in production). Apple is expected to receive the first samples of the new processor shortly (if not already received). Even if the news were to be confirmed, in any case it is unlikely that Apple will immediately release new computers based on the new processor: the engineers of the nibbled apple company they must test and verify the actual capacity and potential of the chip and possibly modify the current motherboards before they can release new machines. From the first rumors it seems that the G4e is able to work at a speed of at least 700MHz, includes three additional Altivec "engines" , two units for the management of the additional integers and a redesigned pipeline (this, in fact, allows to reach higher clock speeds, without sacrificing other processor features). The second level cache should be integrated in the processor itself thus allowing communications between CPU and cache at the same speed as the processor. The L2 cache connects to the L1 cache, via a 256-bit bus. The "G4 Plus" should allow support of external third-level backside caches up to 2Mb. Further information on the processor should arrive during the "Microprocessor Forum" will take place in San Jose (California) starting October 10th.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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