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Sarahah, the anonymous messaging service that is depopulating on the App Store

enero 15, 2020

Anonymity is always successful: the Arab-Saudi application for sending messages would like to allow people to break down the barriers of freedom of expression, but the risk "Yik Yak" around the corner

“I live in a type of company the Arab one in which to say things as they think a habit: however, there are barriers, such as respect for age, for example ": also for this, he told Mashable, the app intends to break down the barriers due to hierarchies and respect for roles. When the app debuted in the App Store on June 13 (before there was only the desktop version) people started to notice it. Many teenagers have started inserting their profile links into Instagram Stories. As soon as Snapchat inserted the possibility to post hyperlinks in the videos, the downloads took off.

From a certain point of view, the arrival of the umpteenth app that protects anonymity a gigantic "here we go again": the platform needs no introduction and many will remember the problems generated in schools by Yik Yak ( in fact, the latest news is reported as dead). Tawfiq is aware of this, and fully intent on doing its best: the app already has filters for offensive words and gives users the possibility to block others and choose an audience for their messages. In addition, a mechanism records users' reactions to messages ("made you happy?"): Deformation as an analyst.


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