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Rent movies coming to iTunes?

enero 15, 2020

Are rented movies coming to iTunes? The hypothesis is raised by an iTunes Store screen captured by an American user in which explicit reference is made to "rental" films.

The image appears on Flickr (and has also been confirmed by other users), taken in the "report a problem" section that appears when, from within your shopping history, you try to contact Apple to warn you that something went wrong in the procedures to buy a product from the digital store. Here, among the various options available, several surfers would have noticed that, at least for a few hours, options have appeared such as "Rented film not received", "Duplicate rent", "Wrong version of rented film" and others.

The possibility of renting films, which remains available for viewing for a certain period of time before becoming unusable, one of the requests made by the main American producers during the negotiations with Apple which asks them to land on iTunes. Giving films for rent instead of outright would allow production companies to differentiate the market module from that found on traditional channels (such as large retailers) and continue to keep a niche open for DVDs.

Until today, Cupertino would have declined the possibility of renting films, remaining closely linked to the "buy and yours forever" module that he adopted for music; in recent weeks many things have changed, above all due to the strong resistance that some studios (including TV studios) are opposing to Apple's attempt to impose their vision on the digital content market in all respects. On the other hand, Apple has so far had very limited success in making film companies accept this same vision since only Disney (of which, not surprisingly, Jobs is the largest individual shareholder) has given almost without limit their films to Apple. It therefore seems logical that the top of the Apple may have begun to "think different" on the matter.

Jobs himself, on the other hand, has never explicitly ruled out the possibility of introducing rented films, leaving, even recently, during the meeting with the shareholders that took place in Cupertino in late spring, an open door. More recently the Financial Times published an article saying that Apple was negotiating with film production companies to introduce a $ 2.99 rental service for 30 days of viewing; according to the financial newspaper, the launch of the film rental shop was scheduled for autumn, or in the next few days.

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