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On holiday with Coco, the app to reserve sun bed and umbrella from a distance

enero 15, 2020

To avoid queues, waiting and empty parking, there is an app that allows you to book the bed before reaching the bathing establishment where you want to go

Coco was invented by Nicola Palumbo and Antonio Baldassarre, two management engineers who met in a large tech company, before "giving up everything" to embark on this adventure: "We toured the Italian coasts from late April to mid June, covering more than 7000 km to talk to managers and collect feedback ",Baldassarre says. "We then released the consumer app 10 days ago".

The factories covered by the app, he explains, are more than 70 at the moment. "We had only left in the regions of Liguria, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Puglia, but others are being added at the rate of 10-15 per week".


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