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Microsoft Paint doesn't really die: it becomes a downloadable app

enero 15, 2020

Via the handkerchiefs, the nostalgics are safe: Paint becomes a free downloadable app, but don't die. The more advanced functions will then flow into Paint 3D

It always happens this way (more or less): when something is likely to get out of your hands, you want it back. Even if you have been complaining about it for years and you are also irony about it (you have been seen, masters of drawing and editing at high levels). The script was repeated just in the past few hours for the departure ofPaint, which then did not leave: it does not go away, it will not disappear. "Here to stay", he explains in a postcompanyMegan Saunders,General Manager of Microsoft.

Paint only changes houses, that's all. After 32 years of activity tireless (which apparently attracted many fans), it will simply no longer be among the pre-installed applications of the operating system. A move, after all that time, there is: it will be available, as it is known, in the Windows Store, available for free. Become an app and whoever wants, takes it (a good litmus test).

Users will instead find the evolution of some functions in Paint 3D, available in the Windows 10 Creators Update. In addition to the three-dimensional tools, those for photo editing and 2D creations will flow together. Art saves, via crocodiles.


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