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iSuppli, iPhone ALMOST rides all smartphones

enero 15, 2020

iSuppli corrects its iPhone sales estimates, referring to last July. In the original press release iSuppli crowned the best-selling Apple mobile phone, capable of individually exceeding all the other smartphone models and the entire BlackBerry range, considered in its entirety.

The research firm has now corrected the shot: the iPhone has individually routed every other smartphone, but, unlike what was previously thought, the iPhones sold do not exceed the entire BlackBerry range. According to estimates, adding the number of each BlackBerry sold, the sales ratio with the Melafonino would be around 2 to 1.

Despite the fact that RIM devices have doubled iPhone sales in their entirety, the BlackBerry team consists of a large group of models, many of which are attractive for a strong business audience, so far not attracted enough by the characteristics of Cupertino's mobile phone.

For these reasons, it is not wrong to believe that the sales ratio of 2 to 1 towards the flagship product of RIM is in any case a result worthy of note.

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