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iPhone, the $ 200 discount multiplies sales

enero 15, 2020

The iPhone price cut could have led to a threefold increase in phone sales compared to previous volumes. This is the conclusion reached by Piper Jaffray, a market analysis company.

The figure, the result of a rather empirical calculation but which can nevertheless contribute to giving an idea of ​​the success that Cupertino could have achieved by lowering the cost of $ 200, starts from the assumption that on Sunday, the day before the announcement of the million phones sold , Apple had sold 730 thousand units. The figure was obtained by separating the 270 thousand units sold in the final two days of June, from the total figure of one million, announced by Apple on Monday. Since previously, according to an observation made at Apple stores and some At & T stores by Piper Jaffray herself, the number of iPhones sold would have been 9 thousand per day, which would have brought the total to around 600 thousand in just over two months , here it comes out that in the five days from the drop in the price on Sunday Apple of phones sold 136 thousand instead of the expected 45 thousand.

According to Gene Munster, who wrote the report, Apple will not be able to sustain such a selling pace. More likely, the rate of increase could have doubled, from 9,000 to 18,000 phones per day. If this forecast was confirmed, iPhone would go from 1.8% of the market to 3.6% of the mobile phone market in the United States.

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