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How to manage multiple Facebook accounts on Android devices

enero 15, 2020

The app is no longer available.

It is possible that we have two or more Facebook accounts, or that more people use the same device, therefore the need arises to manage multiple logins. On a very simple computer – just open a new browser or a new window to access another Facebook account at the same time. When it comes to a mobile device, everything changes. For phones you need a simple method that does not require you to enter your login data every time you want to switch from one Facebook account to another.

Let's see how we can solve the problem in a simple way, using a third party applications like Friendcaster, with which you can set up multiple Facebook accounts and easily switch between them on one device Android.

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<h3 dir=Friendcaster for Android

Friendcaster for Android a Facebook application substitute, which provides a better user interface and functionality with push notifications. The first Facebook account that connects, becomes the main account. To add more accounts, open the app preferences and tap Accounts. Here you will be given the opportunity to add another account.

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<p dir=The application will ask for the Facebook username and password of the second account you want to configure. After authentication, the application will ask you to grant all authorizations, just like you did for the main account.

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<p dir= so you can switch between accounts easily from the app preferences and if you have a third or even a fourth Facebook account, Friendcaster provides the possibility to add them. In addition to letting multiple accounts set up, Friendcaster offers many additional features that you can easily explore.

The application has a different presentation style and you may like it even better than the official app.

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