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How to get the root permissions of the Samsung Galaxy S5

enero 15, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy S5has introduced highly evolved features, with particular attention to the theme of health and lifestyle. If you bought it and want to use it with greater freedom, in this guide you will seehow to get the root permissions of the Samsung Galaxy S5in a simple way, with a procedure that can also be performed by non-experts.

Here are the pre-installation instructions:

This guide only for versions of Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F (European model). Don't try to do it on other devices, check the model number in first Settings> General> Device info.

  1. The phone battery needs to be charged over 60%. This is highly recommended in order to prevent any power problems during the flashing process.
  2. Make sure to backup important multimedia content like contacts, call and message logs. This is recommended only in case something goes wrong and you need to reset your phone.
  3. Use only the OEM data cable to establish the connection between your phone and PC. Turn off antivirus and firewall to prevent connection problems. Also enable USB debugging mode on your phone if it has USB connection problems.

Follow this guide literally:

The device compatible with the Root procedure SM-G900F (International Qualcomm).

It is also compatible with these other versions of the Galaxy S5:

SM-G900H(InternazionaleExynos)SM-G900i(Oceania)SM-G900M(Central and South America)SM-G900R4(US Cellular)SM-G900T(T-Mobile US)SM-G900P(Sprint)SM-G900T1(PCS meter)SM-G900W8(Canada)

Warning: If the Root permissions are maintained, the warranty is invalidated on the device and it will no longer be possible to obtain a warranty from the manufacturer. In the event of an accident, we cannot be held responsible. Follow these instructions to the letter to avoid any accident. Any action, you left doing it under your responsibility.

How to get the root permissions of the Samsung Galaxy S5

After checking the model of your Samsung S5 in Settings> General> Device info, make sure you have installed the device drivers on the PC (they are installed automatically by connecting the device to the PC via the USB cable). Now follow these steps:

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<li>Start the application<strong> Odin 3</strong> present in the package and after opening it click on the button <strong>PDA</strong> and look for the file <em>CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltexx-smg900f.tar.md5</em></li>
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<li>At this point turn off and start the Galaxy S5 by simultaneously pressing the keys <strong>volume Gi +</strong><strong>home</strong>+<strong>power on</strong>. A screen will appear with the Android symbol, and now select the button <strong>volume Up</strong>and you will find yourself in <strong>download mode</strong>.</li>
<li>Now connect the Galaxy S5 to the PC using the USB cable, and make sure the application <strong>Odin 3</strong> recognized the device. Be careful and check for <strong>NOT</strong> have selected the <strong>repartition box</strong> in Odin.</li>
<li>Select the button on Odin <strong>Start</strong> to start the Root process, at the end of the procedure you will see the message on Odin <strong>Pass</strong>. At this point you will find the application <strong>SuperSu</strong> installed on the Galaxy S5 to manage root permissions.</li>
<p>Now you will have Samsung Galaxy S5 Root permissions and you can give vent to your creativity, installing custom ROMs and much more.</p>
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