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How to buy online safely

enero 15, 2020

Booming e-commerce: more and more Italians are turning to online stores and distribution chains to buy products, often at a lower price than physical stores. But scams are always lurking: how to do it then buy online safely without having unpleasant surprises? In this guide I will show you some simple tips to buy online while minimizing the risk of fraud or theft of money from card payment systems (credit or debit cards). We will therefore also see how to buy on the internet without a credit card.

Buy online safely

Use PayPal

The first tip is also one of the simplest to adopt: instead of giving credit card or debit card data to online stores, choose only the services that support payment via PayPal.

LINK | PayPal

You will not have to provide your data to anyone and you will use the PayPal platform as a sort of "filter"; all you have to do is add credit / prepaid card or debit card to the serviceand, when payment is requested, choose PayPal as the form of payment. Just enter your PayPal username and password to pay!buy online safely

In case of problems PayPal also offers customer protection tools to get the money back, just buy online from one of the affiliated stores.

LINK | PayPal purchase protection

Use rechargeable cards

Savings of a lifetime can be on your ATM, just as credit cards can be very high on credit cards: being cheated on one of these cards can ruin you from an economic point of view, and getting your money back can be a long process and labour intensive. So we'll see the best below secure online payment methods.

To avoid scenarios where there may be "unplanned unplanned expenses" use only rechargeable credit cards(the famous prepaid) for online purchases. The operation of these cards makes them the best method to buy online safely: the amount to be paid over it is up to you and you when the fund reaches zero it is no longer possible to spend. For example, if you top up a prepaid with 200 for your online purchases and get scammed, the offender will only have access to those 200 (or less if you have spent part of the sum in the meantime) but will not be able to access your main economic resources. If you are particularly scrupulous you can top up the prepaid card from time to time for the amount necessary for the purchase, so that you can keep it "always empty" when you are not shopping online.

These cards use the MasterCard or Visa Electron circuit for the management of transfers and they can be associated with a PayPal account to buy online online safely

Below is a list of the best prepaid cards available in Italy. Choose among these the one that offers a convenient top-up system for your needs (prefer those that can be refilled in tobacconists or online via transfer from the main account).

If none of these cards interest you, ask your bank if an affiliate prepaid card is available to top up from your checking account if necessary.

Choose safe and reliable stores

It is useless to chase savings at any cost: behind the "all too tempting" offers there could be a big scam! If you need to shop online trust the best shops around, in particular to those who offer quality assistance and are ready to meet you in case of online safely

The best sites to buy on the internet safely are the following:

If the store you have chosen is not among those listed, make sure it supports PayPal before making any purchase and read the following section.

Amazon does not currently support PayPal but the very secure payment system, plus the site offers one of the best services for the crediting of the sums (also as coupons). You can safely use a prepaid credit card to shop securely online from Amazon.

Check a site's reputation

If you don't trust the shop and the offer found online, you can use the services that track a site's reputation through user feedback. Finding a tempting offer and finding yourself afterwards with an avalanche of negative reviews should trigger a wake-up call!

One of the best services from which to retrieve the reviews and feedback of a site.


Use it simple: type the name of the site in the search field and open the corresponding online safely

You can read in the section Opinions all the opinions of users who have already used the online online safely

If there is any problem or the site is a scam, you can find out even before making any careless purchase by reading the experiences of other online buyers.

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