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Google backup has arrived for your whole computer

enero 15, 2020

Just a tick to decide which files can be synchronized: it depends on the space limit and how much you are willing to pay for the cloud

Backup & Sync

With a small delay on the roadmap, Backup and Syncc arrived with the latest version of Drive for Mac / Pc. As announced a month ago, any file on your computer can be entrusted to the cloud service of The Big G, which will allow you to store any document from your computer, SD or camera on Drive and Photos (works with both services).

As it happens with Mobile Photos, the user can choose to upload the images by relying on the optimization, or to save them in the original format (thus going into the arduous fight against GB limit available). From "Preferences"> "Upload size of photos and videos", choose "High quality" or "Original quality".

Screen 2017-07-14 at 08.49.28

As Google support explains, once the application is downloaded, you can decide what to save on the cloud, after pressing "Synchronize My Drive on this computer": at which point one of the two options "Synchronize everything in My Drive ”or“ Sync only these folders ”.

As far as total synchronization can be thrown, in fact, you have to deal with the limit available: the 15 GB of free space is very little for a proper backup. Monthly prices are 100 GB for 1.99 euros, 1 TB for 9.99 euros and 10 TB for 99.99 euros (up to 30 TB a month for 299.99 euros).


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