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Applications for iPhone and iPod Touch, Apple is agnostic

enero 15, 2020

Apple does not support or even prevent the creation of native software for iPhone and iPod Touch. Here is the official answer of Cupertino in response to the series of questions, more or less explicit, that rain from many sides on the position of the Apple on the series of attempts that are being made to create software that circumvents the limitation imposed in the new pocket devices capable, as known, of launching applications, but only through the Safari browser.

'Apple – said Greg Joswiak, head of marketing of the iPod and iPhone, to some media – does not object to the creation of software for the iPod Touch and iPhone, but we take no responsibility if in the future these same applications were to stop working for a update '. What this means in practical terms is quite clear: the Apple engineers when they create an update of the operating system and the applications included in it, do not explicitly pursue the purpose of making the applications unusable or of closing the loopholes found to run independent software. But at the same time they don't even take care to prevent updates from being respectful of what the independent developers themselves have created "

From what we learn the difference in approach taken in this area compared to what happens in the PC world (where the development of the operating system takes into account, as far as possible, the work of the developers), derives from the fact that it is two different platforms; in one, the Mac, it is expected that there are independent applications that work with those machines, in the second, iPhone / iPod Touch, not because you are faced with closed devices that are designed as such because they have to perform specific well-defined tasks .

Joswiak's statements come unexpectedly. In the past, Apple in official statements (including some of Jobs) had proved much more refractory to the idea of ​​opening iPhone (and therefore also iPod Touch which uses the same operating system). Many developers therefore welcomed the new direction with an applause, although it must be said that the head of the group that deals with iPod has also hurried to specify that the possibility that future updates wipe out the efforts of those who develop for pocket products Apple are very tall.

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