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Altec Lansing, fifty gadgets for laptops, mobiles and mp3 players

enero 15, 2020

Five new Altec Lansing products are coming soon, designed for a perfect combination with cell phones, mp3 players and laptops. Let's see the summary characteristics.

iMT521 SoundBlade Stereo Bluetooth SpeakerThe flagship product in the five, the iMT521 is a 2 ″ full-range stereo speaker, equipped with BlueTooth v.2, compatible wirelessly with mobile phones and notebooks with the BT A2DP standard.

It is equipped with AVRCP technology for bi-univocal controls from the connection device, and a microphone with echo cancellation, to use the accessory as a "speakerphone".

Easily portable due to its small size (15 x 28 x 2.5), power is supplied both via the mains and with AA batteries; the expected price of 129.95 Dollars and will be available from next November only at the AT&T Mobility stores.

iMT217 Nobi Speaker for Nokia XpressMusic PhonesStereo system created in collaboration with Nokia, specifically for Finnish XpressMusic mobile phones, enabled for MP3 playback.

Small and light (only 280 grams), ideal for carrying in your pocket, backpack or bag; equipped with 360 degree sound diffusion technology and connectable via 3.5 mm interface with other devices equipped with audio output.

It will be available in October at the best known wireless European retailers, at a price of about 39.95 Dollars.

FX3020 SoundBar Speaker SystemThe FX3020 is a speaker designed to take advantage of the space under flat screen monitors. Composed of one piece, with a simple rectangular design, it integrates drivers with "sound field expander", capable of expanding the sound performance, and XdB to increase the effect of the bass.

It comes with a single in / out cable, to minimize the size of the cable, and an auxiliary line-in and headphone jack, both positioned laterally. The controls are concentrated in a single wheel, to have each command immediately accessible.

The FX3020 will be available in November at a cost of approximately $ 99.95.

iMT207 Orbit-M and iM207 Orbit-MP3iM207 Orbit a speaker for iPod, mp3 players or mobile phones that is an alternative to traditional earphones or headphones, an easily portable accessory, through which you can share your music even publicly.Ideal to animate an evening too silent or even as a travel accessory, to always have a speaker within your pocket that can be easily connected with the appropriate audio device.

The iM207 is available in two versions: Orbit-MP3, for iPod and mp3 players, and Orbit-M, for mobile phones with a 2.5mm adapter. Technically they can both rely on the proprietary "Fusion 360" technology, which aspires to spread the 360 degree sound.

Power is supplied through three simple AAA batteries, which guarantee 24 listening; switching on takes place simply by turning the loudspeaker, a ploy that prevents accidental activation while on the move. Finally, the connection cable can be conveniently rewound inside the dedicated compartment.

We remind you that Altec Lansing products are distributed in Italy by ADL

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