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Warm up your engines: Mario Kart Tour is about to arrive on Android!

enero 14, 2020

The famous Mario Kart, acclaimed title from the Nintendo world, is finally about to land on the Android platform. The arrival was officially announced from the Tweet of the historic Japanese house and declares that the app, which will take the name ofMario Kart Tour, could be released before the end of March 2019.

Mario Kart Tour: Nintendo's official announcement on the release for Android arrives!

Mario Kart Tour represents one of the largest Nintendo franchises, whose gameplay can perfectly adapt to mobile platforms, also increasing the playability potential of the title. The announcement of the release took place in a somewhat "cryptic" manner, specifying that the game will be released in the fiscal year ending in March 2019, which in simple terms, translates into a period of time that elapses between April of this year and early March of next year.Mario Kart Tour

They are not known other details about it for now, including whether Mario Kart Tour makes its appearance on Android or iOS first. As many will remember, the most recent Nintendo games landed on mobile, such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, have always arrived at the same time both on the green robot and on iOS, except for the recent Super Mario Run, first released on the bitten apple systems and later on Android. The same fate it could be up to Mario Kart Tour.

SecondReuters in addition, Nintendo plans to publish two or three titles on mobile per year, with the possibility therefore that already in this 2018 is released some other game, which according to rumors, could be a title from the famous series of Legend of Zelda!

Are you an incurable fan of Nintendo titles, being perhaps very old players? Let us know below in the comments!

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