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Top 5 apps to automatically delete blurry photos and …

enero 14, 2020

Today, almost everyone now uses our smartphones to capture important moments by taking photos that will then be kept or sent to friends. Consequently, it is increasingly common for our devices to be full of bad selfies, blurry shots or double photos. There are several applications for Android that allow you to free up storage space and automatically delete unnecessary photos, saving us time and thus avoiding overloading our mobile devices.

The 5 best apps to automatically delete duplicate and blurry photos

Google Files Go

Google files: free up space on your phone

An application launched by Google for Android devices that allows you to improve the internal memory management freeing it from obsolete files. Downloadable directly from the Google Play Store, Go files a very light app, just 6 mega, which allows you to free up space inside the memory by offering a complete overview of the device. From the screenshots folder to that of WhatsApp passing through large files; in short, the double or blurry photos they will be found everywhere and can be eliminated with a simple click.

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Photo Gallery Cleaner

The second application is perhaps one of the most complete in terms of images on our devices. Photo Gallery Cleaner, thanks to an algorithm implemented by the developers, capable of recognize similar, blurry or poor quality photos. Based on a series of parameters, it identifies a list of photos that could be deleted to recover space.

Photo Gallery Cleaner

Of course the app goes to recognize poor quality photos but certainly not able to understand the emotional value that a photo taken, in a particular moment, can have for us. Consequently, it is always advisable, before proceeding with the cancellation, to browse the photos reported by the app to understand whether to authorize the cancellation in bulk or save some of them.

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Clean Master

Clean Master- Antivirus Cleaner & Applock & Booster

The third free app Clean Master which allows you to sort similar photos, almost identical portraits and blurry photos. In addition, once the similar photos have been identified, Clean Master also indicates which is the best, thus offering the opportunity to have a complete picture and select the photos that must be deleted and those that can be kept instead. Finally, the app is equipped with a tool cleaning the WhatsApp folder.

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Nox Cleaner - Phone Cleaner, Booster, Optimizer

The fourth app has not actually been created for the management of photos but has a specially dedicated section that can certainly be useful in order to clean up the device from junk images. NoxCleaner performs a scan, which may also take a long time because it concerns the entire device, at the end of which a series of similar photos will be indicated, blurred and large images present in various folders. At this point you can proceed either with automatic selection or disable it and manually choose which photo to delete.

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Remo Remover duplicate photos

The latest app specifically concerns duplicate photos. It can often happen that at the same time there are several very similar shots that only clog the smartphone's memory. Remo Remover what does he do? Go scan and select them duplicate or very similar images offering the opportunity to choose which shot to keep and which to delete instead.

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