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There is a Google app that blocks services that consume too much data

enero 14, 2020

Check which applications consume the most data traffic, limit their use and get rewards: this is the app that Google is testing in the Philippines

Not the first time that The Big G offers such services: years ago the company had introduced a "data saving" mode on the mobile version of its Chrome browser and equipped some of its devices with the same functions, such as Pixel smartphones. However, the app in question seems to offer much more accurate functionality. For example, it allows each user to decide how long apps can take advantage of mobile data traffic, choosing from options ranging from "For ten minutes" to session, "A 'now ”, or“ Always ”.

With operators such as Globe and Smart, users can also check their mobile data balance directly fromTriangle, eget "rewards" based on the savings obtained by reusing it to download new apps, without this impacting on data traffic.

Google has preferred not to release details on the application: it is therefore not clear when and if the app will be released in other emerging markets, or in the United States. "We have nothing else to announce", a spokesman for TechCrunch commented.


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