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Spotify Lite is the new lightened app that can control the …

enero 14, 2020

Not all Spotify users own a device or network with adequate performance for the full app. This did not stop the company, so that even that type of user can listen to streaming music. And that's why it was introduced Spotify Lite, available recently. The new lightened version allows better optimizations for less performing devices and slower connections.

Spotify Lite optimized for listening streaming on slow connections

Spotify Lite weighs only 10MBcompared to the standard version which is 100MB, thus reducing the size by 10 times. This will allow those who have limited storage space to use the service with less consumption. The app also allows in a very simple way to clear the cache, immediately freeing up any space needed to listen to more music.

Spotify Lite

When your internet rate plan on your smartphone is limited, Spotify Lite will offer you a more control over how much data you consume while listening to streaming. It will be possible set a data limit with a notification that will warn you if you are approaching this limit or if it has been reached.

The basic functionalities available in the normal version, they will still be present on the lightened app, such as the search for favorite songs and artists, the ability to save playlists, discover new musical genres or new songs, sharing the latter and anything else. Even the design of the app remains all in all similar.

According to the company, with Spotify Lite it will also be You can also listen to streaming music with 2G. The app is already available in 36 world markets, while not yet available in Europe, where it will be launched Coming soon.

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