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Samsung Galaxy Note 10: known problems and how to fix them

enero 14, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 10, released in 2019, represents one of the last top of the range of the flagship series of the Korean house, characterized by high hardware and software performance. The device however, like all the others, is not exempt from problems and in this article we will list the best known ones, together with the related solutions to solve them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: solutions to common problems

You can also unlock the device with an unregistered fingerprint

In October, Galaxy Note 10 users discovered one serious security flaw that plagues the fingerprint scanner. The bug does indeed allow you to unlock the phone also through an unregistered fingerprint, through objects placed on the scanner like transparent films, thus allowing anyone to access the smartphone.

Possible solutions:

  • Samsung has already released one patch in October, trying to solve the problem. However, according to the patch notes, it is not known whether this has been definitively resolved. What time does the problem persist, remove the screen protector and re-register your fingerprint.

Accidental touches in the display

With a huge 6.8-inch display, the Galaxy Note 10 is certainly not the most comfortable device to hold, as well as the smaller 6.3-inch variant. The large screen size can also cause accidental touches and therefore unintentional opening of settings or activation of commands. There accentuated in the curved sides of the display.

Notes 10

Possible solutions:

  • Activate the accidental touch protection in the sectionDisplayphone settings;
  • Disable the Edge Screen;
  • Disable the functionLift to wake up, placed in the sectionAdvanced functionsup Settings>Movements and gestures.

The S Pen doesn't work

One of the main features of Galaxy Note 10, the S Pen, a small stylus that allows you to interact with the touchscreen to be used in multiple purposes, such as taking notes by writing them, taking photos, controlling multimedia playback and even performing some gestures without touching the screen.

Notes 10

However, some problems have also emerged in this case. In fact, it may happen that the device does not recognize the S Pen.

Possible solutions:

  • Remove the device case. In some cases, the cases may contain metals or magnets that can interfere in the connection between the S Pen and the Note 10;
  • Remove the screen protection film. This could cause inconsistent movements and pressures while using the S Pen;
  • Change the tip of the S Pen;
  • Use the S Pen with another Samsung compatible smartphone, to check if the problem is with the pen or something else.

Apps do not occupy the entire surface of the screen

With the advent of smartphones featuring a higher form factor, like Note 10, developers have had to adapt their apps to new dimensions. However, there are still apps not yet optimized for this type of screen.

Possible solutions:

  • Go to the sectionDisplay upSettings. Then touch the app concerned and then the optionFull screen;
  • Any app that can't use the whole screen, will show a small pop-up at the bottom display, touch it to activate the full screen.

The battery does not last long

Although the Note 10 series has one rather large battery, to cope with the powerful hardware, users complained of a disappointing experience in autonomy. As with any Android smartphone, there may be one multitude of factors.

Notes 10

Possible solutions:

  • Check the abnormal use of the battery by the apps. UpSettings, go to the sectionDevice maintenance and touch thenBattery use;
  • Each Samsung smartphone includes one battery optimization tool. To use it, go to the sectionBattery in Settings, from there touch the apps you want to optimize, then selecting the optionSave energy;
  • If you purchased a Note 10 branded from the telephone operator's brand, this will most likely be equipped with blowatware, that is, those often unnecessary apps installed on the device. You disable in the related section onSettings.

Continuous notification about the camera

The November update for Note 10, it appears to have brought with it a bug that causes a notification about a camera feature to appear continuously. According to user reports, the notification does not go away and disappears only when the device is restarted.

Possible solutions:

  • Turn off background image processing on Settings> Device Maintenance> Battery. Once there, tapCamera and disable the optionSuspend.

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