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Rows in Cubes: outcome of the production process

enero 14, 2020

Rows in Cubes: outcome of the production process – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Remember the curious story of Jobs who calls the user (albeit important and handcuffed) of a Cube who found it marked just pulled out of the box? Maybe in Cupertino they made two accounts and found that making Jobs phone all those who find the Cube, with scratches on the case, it is not very convenient … A few days after that story, in fact, and after many reports of similar problems Apple has decided to provide an official explanation. The "signs", basically of the lines in the case, are not a defect or cracks but the normal outcome of a production process. In practice, the lines, as thin as hair, can form during the merger of houses. Their visibility, or not, determined by the quality of how the plastic flows in the molds. “In our opinion – says Phil Schiller, head of sales worldwide – this is not a defect, nor in the future will these lines become cracks or affect the longevity of the case. These lines – said Schiller – are present in many products made of polycarbonate. In Cubes, in some cases, they are seen more than in other products because we have decided to use a degree of transparency and limpidity of the plastic much more accentuated than that normally used by our competitors and in other products ". That Schiller is telling the truth would be confirmed that the same "lines" also appear in other products such as the Harman Kardon speakers, in some parts of the iBooks and in the Cinema Display. The problem was talked about for a long time also in the official Apple forum before the moderator, provided the official explanation of the company, did not close the debate and with it also the thread C / Net, pointing out the story, stresses that having Apple focused heavily on the aesthetics and quality of the design could not get along so easily. In addition to this, some experts, such as Malcom Smith in charge of Flextronic, an industrial design company, argue that it could actually be cracks produced by the stress to which the plastic is subjected during the melting. But Schiller insists: “It's not about splits. There are no reasons that splits can occur during the production process. "

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