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Phones and music on the Internet, Nokia challenges Apple openly

enero 14, 2020

A shop to imitate the success of iTunes and phones to copy iPhones. These are the salient elements, at least from the point of view of those who follow the events of Apple, of a series of announcements presented today by Nokia.

The music store mentioned one of the components of a larger strategy for mobile content that the Finnish company groups under the brand name of "Ovi", a term that in the language of the country of origin of the largest telephone manufacturer of the world, it means, not by chance "door". From this access you will enter in a way that will provide maps, videos, games and, indeed, music. Nokia promises millions of songs for its "iTunes killer" (yet another announced on the market) at a cost of one euro with albums on sale for 10 euros. Accessibility will be guaranteed both via cellular network with compatible phones and on the Internet (with a streaming subscription of 10 euros per month to listen, but not download, via the web all the music you want). Needless to say, Ovi's music encoded in protected Windows Media Audio format and as such cannot be listened to on Mac. The bitrate of 192 Kbps. European stores will open in the autumn.

The challenge to Apple becomes even clearer by taking a look at some of the technologies that Nokia will introduce next year. Among them, the top management of the company presented (at the bottom of this article the demonstration video uploaded to YouTube) a touch screen phone that more than inspired a real iPhone clone. Not only the functions of the display (including the adaptation of the vision according to the "physical" orientation of the mobile phone) are decidedly similar to those of the Apple mobile phone, but also the form factor almost identical to that of the iPhone, even if then subsequently Nokia specified that, at least for what concerns the hardware, it was simply an idea not of a real product. The operating system responsible for "cloning" would be a future version of Symbian.

When asked about the Nokia managers, they had no difficulty admitting the similarity but even said they had copied the iPhone. "If there is something interesting, we imitate it with pride," said Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia's Executive VP & General Manager of Multimedia.

For now waiting for the iPhone clone (or perhaps an army of iPhone clones) Nokia has introduced new multimedia phones or new versions of the old ones onto the market. The N81 (which will have a version with memory from 8 GB to 430 euros) new; the N95 is instead renewed with 8 GB memory (at a price of 560 euros). The 5310 and 5610 are two XpressMusic branded phones and are offered at a lower cost, 225 and 300 euros. The first two phones allow you to buy music directly from Ovi, the second two to listen to it, transferring it from a PC.

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