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iPhone in Italian: users try!

enero 14, 2020

In these hours in the Macitynet editorial office, reports from users who have made a good effort to translate the Apple mobile phone interface are multiplying. NullRiver installer able to customize his phone at every level.

On the iPhone it is possible to change the icon set, change the order, add “Mobile” applications and Finder and, last but not least, translate the text strings with the names of the software and also the menus for accessing the various options. An individual job that could perhaps find a meeting point to use the correct terms. A job that may be rendered useless by a forthcoming "official" translation by Cupertino in an interface that will hopefully be multilingual like the one on Mac OS X.

Given the uncertainty on the arrival date of the official iPhone in our country, this is a job that makes the product "original" and that maybe can give help, with the appropriate cross-checks also to the team that is being (?) dealing with the translation.

Here in our gallery some iPhones and customized iPhone screens in Italian: you can find it on this Macitynet page.

They were sent to us by JTG and GiovanniTheEdge readers from Venice: the latter describes how he personalized his phone and asks for help to continue his work:

"Here's my iPhone in Italian … I've already done a few things: – SpringBoard (LocalizedApplicationNames.strings, SpringBoard.strings, USSD.strings) – MobileMail (Main.strings) – MobileCal (Localizable.strings) Now I need the your help! Here's how you can collaborate:

1. First, get a MAC, because you need the PLUTIL2 program. Open the "English.lproj" folder of each Application and download the files you find inside. 3. So they are Binary with the command "plutil -convert xml1 file_name" you transform them into text4. You open them with an editor and ONLY translate the items between and 5. Convert everything back to binary with the command "plutil -convert binary1 file_name" 6. Put them back on your cell phone to try them out "

We have opened a special section on our Forum to invite others to collaborate, remembering that the changes are to be made at your risk and that it is always convenient to make a backup of the data before operations of this type.

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