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Independence: the software to activate the iPhone now also activates YouTube

enero 14, 2020

Independence: the software to activate the iPhone now also activates YouTube – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

With the release of the last hours (1.2.1a) Independence is in the running to become the all-rounder tool for those who want to activate the "iPod section" and the not strictly telephone section and also prepare the mobile phone for a SIM unlock.

The main task of Independence is that of activation which is obtained by simply connecting the iPhone to the Mac and exiting iTunes or its Helper: just press the "Activate" button and you will immediately have access to all the programs that are not based on telephony Version 1.2.1a also offers unlocking access to YouTube viewing that other activation apps did not allow.

Once the iPhone is activated, you can also install applications such as the internal application installer, the SSH module for communication and, thanks to a convenient and immediate interface, load ringtones and more into the iPhone memory.

To download the latest version of Indepedence go to this Google Code page.

We recommend to those who activated their phone with previous versions of the program or other software or iTunes previous to version 7.4.1, to deactivate it and reactivate it with the latest version of Independence to have the full range of possibilities that iPhone also offers with a SIM locked.The application is still in beta and we recommend that you exit and restart it several times at the end of each operation to obtain the desired effect.

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(By iPhone Addicted)

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