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How to locate smartphones on an online map

enero 14, 2020

The reasons for locating Android or iOS smartphones are different; the device was stolen, you gave the smartphone to your child and you want to know where it is, maybe because you are lost and you want to identify its geographical position. There can be many reasons for locating lost or stolen smartphones or for a simple curiosity to see where your child is, and to do this we offer a method for identifying the precise point of your smartphone by displaying the position on an online map.

The conditions to locate iOS and Android smartphones:

locate smartphone 1

  1. Internet connection of the device to be found
  2. Active GPS / A-GPS support
  3. Have the free app installed Lookout available for both iOS that Android

Lapp Lookout allows you to monitor any iOS and Android device, identifying their position on a map displayed on your computer. I remember that it is also possible to locate an iPhone through the service Find my iPhone included free in iCloud.

locate smartphone 2

How to locate iOS and Android smartphones:

  • First of all download from the Google Play Store and from the App Store lapp Lookout on your iOS or Android device.
  • Open the Lookout app on your device.
  • Create a free account by filling out the proposed form and click on Start protecting to complete. Essential condition for using the service.
  • From the e-mail received, activate the service by clicking on the attached link.
  • After registration, connect from a computer to the site Lookout, and login by entering your email and password.
  • Click onmap icon which appears under the phone number of your smartphone and you immediately have the possibility to view the position of the smartphone on a Google Maps map.
  • At the top there are three icons, one speaker to sound an alarm to your smartphone, a padlock to lock it and a circle for delete all the data contained. Be careful, because only the first free feature, the last two work with Lookout's paid plan.

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