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How to emulate Super Nintendo (SNES) on Android smartphones

enero 14, 2020

"Only" 26 years have passed since it SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)it was launched onto the market, achieving worldwide success (despite the competition from the Sega Mega Drive) with its 49 million units sold and thanks to titles such as Super Mario World, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger. Unfortunately, in 2003 it was dismissed, leaving space for undoubtedly more innovative consoles, but we still want to pay homage to the 16-bit video game console par excellence, showing you how to emulate SNES with Android through SuperRetro16, the application that acts as Android SNES emulator.

Android SNES emulator

Although there are multiple apps capable of acting as an SNES Android emulator, we recommend that you use it SuperRetro16 befor the high compatibility with i videogame (later we will tell you where to download the SNES ROM), both for the numerous options and for the frequent updates.>>>> Discover also how Android NES emulator and download games

Available both in free version or paid version (at a cost of 2.49), the difference being that in the second there are a couple more functions, therefore it's up to you to decide which SNES Android emulator to use between the two.

  • Proceed first by downloading the version of the emulator you prefer from the Play Store and installing it on your device; SuperRetro16 Lite (SNES Emulator)SuperRetro16 (SNES Emulator)
  • Following, unlike FPse and PPSSPP, you can start it without worries since there will be no need to find the specific BIOS or make particular configurations, although we invite you to comb through the various settings in order to set the Android SNES emulator as you like. .

After the very short SNES emulator tutorial, let's proceed to download SNES ROM.

Download SNES ROM

Given the great compatibility declared by the developer himself, they must be in format .smc,.sfc,.swc,.fig(according to what is transcribed in the featuresof the application on Google Play also zipped files) and subsequently transferred to the smartphone / tablet in a path of your choice; reminding you, as now customary, that carry out the ROM download Illegal SNES unless you already have the original cartridges, here are some sites from which you can find them:

Google your friend in case the desired games are not available there, do not satisfy you or are not good for our SNES Android emulator.

Emulate SNES with Android

As you can guess, emulating SNES with Android an operation within everyone's reach, in fact it is sufficient to download the SNES Android emulator suggested by us, install it, fulfill the SNES ROM download, place the latter on your deviceisfinally have fun with ivideogamewho contributed to making it history of the videogame world; preview some screenshots of the little program in action:

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