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Halved apple

enero 14, 2020

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It was a real bloodbath, perhaps even worse than what could have been expected. Apple on the Wall Street market, after announcing that for the present quarter it will have lower profits than expected, has received a very harsh punishment by losing more than half of its capitalization, at the end of what remains the most difficult day of its recent history AAPL showed a -51.87%, with over 132 million pieces exchanged (not far from the volume moved on the day of the announcement of the agreement with Gates, in the summer of 1997) which speaks volumes about the reaction they have had investors. In practice, Apple returned to its value of 13 months ago by burning about 20,000 billion capitalization and stopping at -64% compared to the maximum reached last March.The day had opened very badly, even worse than yesterday's after hours which usually characterized by reactions more speculative than that of the traditional market. Those who thought that -47% of the opening would be amended by business hunters were wrong. Investors also urged by a series of downgrading on the title that had been raining for a while for all the analysis companies, started selling securities to never stop. "This is a very ruthless market phase – commented Peter Gottlieb, a portfolio manager of First Albany Asset Management in Chicago – he does not forgive those who disappoint him and Apple has disappointed ". The announcement of Apple had repercussions throughout the Nasdaq and the shock wave also hit the markets outside the USA. The fear that the problems of Apple, a company that many believed invulnerable to the problems that the technology sector has manifested in recent months, are only the tip of the iceberg of a malaise that is affecting the whole IT sector. If so, it will be difficult to witness a sudden recovery of AAPL. Maybe something we can begin to understand from market reactions late next week

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