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Futurama lands on smartphones: on Android and iOS there is Worlds of Tomorrow

enero 14, 2020

Available for free with in-app purchases, the title full of gags and quotes. The producers of the original series also participated in the project

(Photo: TinyCo)(Photo: TinyCo)

After months of waiting since the first announcement finally available on smartphone, the official game of the unforgettable demenzial-sci-fi animated series Futurama. Developed by TinyCo, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow makes its debut on the Play Store and App Storea almost four years after the cancellation of the original show, and it reveals a mix of genres that takes up the structure already characteristic of two titles inspired by blockbuster animated series: the Simpsons and the Griffins.

In Worlds of Tomorrow we find the possibility of building one's own New New York, a system of choices to advance the story in different ways and even turn-based battles based on the mechanisms and the graphic style of the role-playing games typical of 16-bit consoles.

(Photo: TinyCo)(Photo: TinyCo)

Just the whole new story instead interspersed with animated clips full of gags and hilarious dialogues; the gray eminences of the series, David X. Cohen and Matt Groening, collaborated on the project and their positive influence permeates every aspect of the title. Who could appreciate Futurama in English will find it in Worlds of Tomorrow the same cast of actors who lent their voices to the animated series, while non-English speakers will have to rely on a location that is not always punctual (either for accented letters poorly represented in subtitles, or for trivial translation errors present during the game).

(Photo: TinyCo)(Photo: TinyCo)

The free game with in-app purchases that will serve to progress with more agility and unlock secrets and digital objects. The formula is likely to make Worlds of Tomorrow frustrating in no time, but trying it costs nothing and, like it or not, however, the nostalgia effect is assured.


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