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File Expert: 360 ° application management!

enero 14, 2020

Expert file not just a simple file manager for Android: this function-rich, stable and reliable application allows, for example, to make a backup or send our applications …Let's analyze some of its functions in detail: WebSharing allows you to share files (e.g. images) directly from your smartphone, making them accessible via HTTP or FTP Street Wifi. In this way it will be possible to access from the PC via browser or FTP client without having to connect the USB cable. The FTP function also allows you to upload and download, delete files and create folders.

We list below the features as well as the functions of File Expert, in order to understand specifically how it works:

– powerful file manager, among the best for Android platform – copy, paste, move, create and rename documents and folders – share and manage documents without USB cable – SMB client – access shared computer resources from your mobile phone and manage your PC files via WIFI via SMB-application management: uninstall and backup applications, it is true that many apps support this function, but by trying File Expert you will notice how much faster and more intuitive it is – Zip / Unzip – create and unpack ZIP archives: examine the contents of the archive as if it were a common folder – previews – jpg / png / mp3 / mp4 / 3gp preview – text viewer supported – integrated and able to display large texts – image viewer – integrated and able to display both local images that remote – search on SD card – allows playback of multimedia files stored on SMB share (as long as the player supports HT streaming TP), and just as some users point out in the comments FE the only document manager capable of opening some video formats directly via SMB sharing

The File Exper APK, totally free, available through the Android Market at the following link:(Qr) (/ qr)

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