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Epson renews the "Stylus" ink jet range

enero 14, 2020

Epson renews the "Stylus" ink jet range – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The print head of the Epson inkjet always the Advanced Micro Piezo but the most interesting feature of the new printers are the drivers that, besides allowing you to choose between different types of effects to be reproduced in print (sepia, parchment, etc.) now offer the possibility to activate the duplex printing and, new feature, to have pagination functions for the binding. The Stylus Color 680 is a printer designed for the home, for hobby or for work; also available in Transparent Blue version (iMac type) and has a very high resolution: up to 2880 x 720 dpi. The Stylus Color 980 also capable of reaching the resolution of 2880 x 720 dpi but more aimed at the Corporate Office and Home Office market. For the professional sector we have the Stylus Pro 9500 and the Stylus Pro 7500: both with technology " Micro Encapsulation ”with which it is possible to obtain light and water resistant prints. The inks are designed for those who deal with pre-printing and require that the printout has a high standard of stability of the color range (a fundamental feature that qualifies a reliable color proof) .The Stylus Pro 9500 allows you to print images on 1,118 mm paper (44 ″) wide with just 3 mm of margin on all sides and can print both on roll paper (has a double standard paper roll) and on single sheet from A3 to B0 + format. The 7500 can print on a printing area up to 604 mm wide on 610 mm (24 ″) supports. Print both on roll paper (single roll paper holder) and on single sheet from A4 to A1 +. A new A3 + scanner instead the Perfection 1640SU: available in 3 versions ("Standard", "Photo" with slide reader and negatives included and "Office" with the single sheet feeder supplied), it has an acquisition quality of 1600 × 3200 dpi and an optical density of 3.4D max. The device can be connected to Mac or PC via synchronous SCSI and USB interface.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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