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Difference between CV and Resume

enero 14, 2020

The cover letter a document that highlights the candidate's credentials and describes the content of another document, i.e. the curriculum vitae or curriculum vitae with which it is sent. On the other hand, Curriculum vitae or CV a summary of the candidate's educational and employment credentials. a snapshot of the candidate's career history, which in fact the main stage, to attract the attention of the potential employer.

The two documents are of great importance, for every candidate who wants to get a job, in the world of extreme competition. A CV and a cover letter present to the applicant before the employer, so they must be drafted and written correctly. Most people assume that the two are the same thing, while they are not. Just read this article to know the differences between CV and cover letter.

Comparative chart

Basis for the comparison Curriculum Vitae (CV) Cover letter
SenseA document containing details of the candidate's academic qualifications, professional experience and past history known as Curriculum Vitae or CV.A letter attached to a CV or resume that provides a short description of the candidate to the prospective employer, known as a cover letter.
Type of documentglobalConcise
What's in it?CV includes every single detail about the candidate's career such as his educational background, personal interests, work experience, etc.The cover letter explains why a candidate is best suited to the vacancy.
Cut itMore than two pages.Less than a page
changes the same for all jobs.It can be changed based on the job.

Definition of Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A written snapshot of a person's educational qualification, work experience and some personal details known as Curriculum Vitae (CV). It is mainly used by potential employers to draw the career sketch of jobseekers and to select deserving candidates before calling them for an interview. It contains qualifications, skills, hobbies, experience, results, projects, awards, publications, extracurricular activities.

The term Curriculum Vitae derives from a Latin word, which simply means "course of life". It is used while applying for specific purposes such as scholarships, advanced research, scholarships and so on.

Cover letter definition

A letter that is attached or sent with another document (eg CV or CV) and contains the summary of another document known as a cover letter. The cover letter is used while applying for jobs. Complete the main document outlining the eligibility criteria met by the applicant. The document of utmost importance; who decides whether the candidate will have the opportunity to meet personally or get an interview for the aforementioned position.

The cover letter provides a brief introduction on the qualifications, experiences, results and interests required for the post requested.

The cover letter contains topics for which the candidate is the best man for the job. It can be customized according to the job. It contains details on name, contact details, educational qualifications, professional experience, prospects and so on.

Key differences between CV and cover letter

The main differences between CV and cover letter are explained below:

  1. Curriculum Vitae a biography of a person's career such as his qualifications, abilities, skills, achievements, etc. The cover letter is a letter that provides a short description of the candidate to the prospective employer.
  2. CV a detailed document, but the accompanying letter "in point" of the document.
  3. A CV includes details of the applicant's educational and employment history. On the contrary, the accompanying letter expresses the candidate's interest in the applied job.
  4. Normally, the CV size is two or more than two pages. On the other hand, the length of a cover letter does not exceed one page.
  5. A CV cannot be modified by job, it remains the same for all jobs, while a cover letter can be modified by job.


CV and cover letter are complementary documents. The cover letter provides an overview of the person's results and shows the skills, competences, experience and qualifications that meet the recruiter's criteria. CV a well organized document that provides all the background details and skills of an individual. The content, format and language used in the two documents have a great impact on the reader's mind. Hence, it would be useful if the sender prepares the two documents in such a way as to impress the reader.

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