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Apple Store, not just online

enero 14, 2020

Apple Store, not only online – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The cyclical voice has been re-proposed for some years now at intervals of about six / nine months, and this time also follows the previous ones: Apple would be about to open stores in the most important cities in the USA, managed in a more or less direct way, to guarantee excellent visibility and professionalism of dealers in the area.The voice, although far from being confirmed, does nothing but fuel the discontent of the dealers, already in turmoil for the Cupertino policy very focused on the online Store, to the point that many the most interesting configurations of the individual machines are available only on the network (Cube 500, iBook files), and only on the network can the customer configure his own machine as he wishes, for example by mounting an ATI Radeon. It is certainly not for now that we will see Apple stores , which should even give visibility to the apple house merchandise, let alone on our territory, at most, if the project should start, we will talk about it again not before 12/18 months just to think that it could land in Italy, do you think that a person who would take care of the project should still be identified, it would be necessary to start throwing it down and then putting it into practice, seeing the results and doing an exportability study, then also activate everything from us. For when they arrive (if they arrive), the margins of the retailers will be so low that perhaps it will be a boon for them too, that, side by side free from the task of selling the hardware, they will be able to really dedicate themselves to giving added value to Apple machines.

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