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enero 14, 2020

Intel could shortly present a new top of the range processor from Core X series (updated only in October), this is the Core i9-10990XE, a chip that according to the first rumors would be well equipped 22 cores with 5 GHz boost frequency and an impressive TDP to say the least, 380W.

The portal suggests the arrival of the new HEDT processor which publishes two screenshots relating to the CPU-Z and Cinebench software, results that at the moment are not 100% verifiable but which undoubtedly offer a good starting point.

Whereas al CES 2020 Intel showed no news in the desktop CPU (we talked about it HERE), while AMD further pushed the HEDT line with the Ryzen ThreadRipper 3990X 64 core, the arrival of the Core i9-10990XE does not seem so senseless and could represent for Intel an attempt to remain afloat in a market segment, the high-end consumer one, where it has always dominated.

If confirmed then, the Core i9-10990XE would represent a further refresh of the Cascade Lake-X LGA 2066 line, an extreme solution that would offer 4 cores more than the current flagship model Core i9-10980XE (18core / 36thread). The new 22-core CPU supports Hyper-Threading technology for a total of 44 threads, while on the frequency side we speak of 5 GHz in Boost All-Core mode, given the latter still to be verified.

The CPU-Z screenshot suggests a base frequency of 4 GHz with 5 GHz boost, but the data that impresses most are the 380W by TDP, an absurd value to say the least if we think that these processors usually consume at least twice the ratio (even triple in some scenarios) compared to the TDP value declared by the company.

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