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TuneBase FM2 for iPod, new for FM broadcast from Belkin

TuneBase FM2 for iPod, news for FM broadcast from Belkin logomacitynet1200wide 1

Belkin is expected to market its new 'cigarette lighter' FM transmitter, the TuneBase FM2 for iPod in the UK next October. In addition to the classic features common to all devices of this type, there are three particularities to highlight.

The first is a large LCD display integrated on the transmitter, which allows you to keep an eye on the frequency to be tuned without the need to always have to look at the iPod screen. The second the automatic tuning function: in cases of difficult reception, it should automatically search the following free frequency. Third and last the signal enhancer, technology that would always try to ensure good reception.

The latter two technologies would be a godsend especially in a nation like Italy where anarchy is the master for what concerns 'the ether'. Too bad that in our country the use of equipment of this kind is not still allowed, despite the sale and purchase are perfectly legitimate.

Recall that in Italy Belkin products are distributed by ADL and IngramMicro.

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