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Photoshop 6 pricing.

enero 13, 2020

Photoshop 6 prices. – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Dollar permitting (and perhaps will not allow, given the trend), it will take just under 2 million plus VAT to purchase the full Adobe Photoshop 6 Italian version, presumably ready in the fall, for the upgrade (all versions from 4 up) you will have to spend about 700 thousand lire plus VAT, for owners of Light Edition versions (usually included with the various scanners) the new version will build around 1 million and 600 thousand lire + VAT.

By purchasing, however, from now until the application release date, the current Photoshop 5.5 will be able to receive Photoshop 6 without any expense (grace period).

Similar offers are available on the website but valid only for the North American market.

Given the instability of the currencies and other factors, obtained during the first of the AdobeDay days in Milan (Crowne Plaza hotel in San Donato Milanese), these are estimated data, days that will continue the next days, consult the Adobe Italia website for calendar.

Special offers

Offer under the tree: iPhone 11 discounted by 100 euros

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