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iPod Touch and iPhone compared

At first glance everyone will have thought the same thing: the iPod Touch is nothing more than an iPhone without a "phone". Let's take a closer look at the most palpable differences and similarities.

As for dimensions, the new iPod is slightly smaller: its measurements are 110 x 61.8 x 8 millimeters, against the iPhone's 115 x 61 x 11.6 millimeters probably thanks to the removal of the cellular radio and its antenna apparatus The mobile phone is slightly thicker and taller but slightly less wide. Even the heaviest weight for the phone: 135 grams; 120 those of the iPod Touch.

The battery runtimes slightly in favor of the iPhone: 24 hours of audio playback and 7 hours for movies. The new iPod stops at 22 and 5 hours respectively, a gap of about 2 hours.

Both of them have Wi-Fi capability, but iPhone can also count on BlueTooth. Identical mounted displays: 3.5 inches diagonal and a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. 160 dpi of iPhone, 163 of iPod Touch. Touch can also function as a USB mass storage device, which is not possible on the iPhone.

Ultimately, the price: the 8Gb iPod Touch model on the American store sold at the price of 299 Dollars, 100 Dollars less than the iPhone, which costs 399, as much as the 16 Gb iPod Touch. mobile features cost as much as 8 GB additional.

The similarity that, in any case, is more striking than that of the interface and the software available, which would strongly suggest that iPod Touch is equipped with the same OS X operating system as the iPhone.

If things were this way, thanks to various official updates or non-official hacks, iPod Touch could become an extremely versatile device, no longer confined to the simple multimedia use typical of the classic iPods produced so far.

In addition, in the specifications for the iPod Touch there is a particular detail, a support for the dictionary in the languages ??English, English UK, French and German. Considering the similarity between the two devices, this detail could confirm the fact that the iPhone is imminent in the British, French and German markets only.