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Microsoft in the near future

enero 12, 2020

Microsoft in the near future – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft turns 25 in these days and for many it could be the last birthday of the company in its entirety, but let's try to see what could happen in the near future according to ZDNet: GOOD: Microsoft remains the company that already, following the model of IBM in the 80s, living on itself and living well, with a low capacity for innovation but with a consolidation that allows shareholders to sleep peacefully. BEST: Microsoft is overwhelmed by an innovative internal push, which will allow it to ride the market by proposing new solutions related to web activity, making itself the market leader to follow in innovations.EXCELLENT: Microsoft is divided into several companies, each one however with enormous financial and human resources; two or more smaller companies could work on the market with greater competitiveness, with better and more efficient products, having to compare themselves with competitors now of a similar size, even Microsoft products will have to refine and demonstrate their qualities, the brand will no longer be a passport to ensure sales.

What will be the future, it will certainly be difficult to think of seeing Microsoft again some time ago, maybe in a short time we could also find software for Mac that does not require 200 Mb of disk space.

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