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Apple, a golden year also in Europe

Apple, golden year also in Europe logomacitynet1200wide 1

Europe land of conquest for the Mac? It would appear to be able to scroll through the figures that are proposed by the SEC, the quarterly document that each company must complete, for the benefit of investors, containing the report on its financial activity. From that presented by Apple, and made known yesterday, it emerges in fact how business for Cupertino is proceeding quite well in the old continent. Profits compared to the previous quarter reached the sum of 353 million dollars, very distant from the over one billion dollars of the American continent, but ahead of Japan. The growth of 19% was the second in percentage terms (behind that recorded in Asia, + 23%). It is also interesting to note that at nine months, i.e. since the beginning of the current fiscal year, Europe remains the second largest market in terms of growth (with 1448 million dollars, + 30% compared to the previous year), an important result if you consider how much the dollar could weigh above parity with the Euro that has characterized the financial markets in recent months, and that things are going well in Europe, the numbers of the machines sold demonstrate this. The old continent is the best market for Apple in terms of growth during this fiscal year. In the last nine months, in fact, the increase compared to 1999 was 42% more than machines sold, ahead of Japan (+ 28%) which had also collected chain exploits with the sales of iBooks and iMacs. Apple is also doing well compared to the same quarter of last year (+ 33%) and is the second market behind Asia alone. In all, Apple has sold 886,000 Macs in Europe in the last nine months (last year there were 622,000) of which 222,000 from May 1 to July 1. Less happy notes come from the comparison with the previous quarter, that is, the one that arrives from February to May. In fact, revenues dropped by 25% and the number of machines sold by 19%. According to Apple, the uninspiring result, also common to all world markets, would be attributable to the stagnation that preceded the release of the new hardware and to the natural slowdown in sales that marks the 90 days ended at the beginning of July.

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