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A cube here, a cube there …

How do you emerge in the midst of so many products, more or less good all packed in a fair like Macworld?

It is difficult, there are those who invented a green castle, some a deafening and kitsch rock band, some who had robotic dogs playing ball and some who, in the post Macworld, announce they want to sue Apple for having copied the idea of ??the Qube. But of course, we believe, the best advertising is to make excellent products such as, for example, the G4 Cube.

Yesterday we ate the leaf (or made them believe they were eating it), but now let us further list it, partly for "due duty" and partly for revenge-mockery other cubes in circulation (only a small selection), who knows? maybe we do another favor to Cobalt and his lawyers for further future ideas:

Is C-Cube a company that studies digital video and audio compressions, will they have asked Cobalt for permission?

I-Cube is an IT company that deals with broadband connections, but perhaps they don't use Cobalt's servers.

Cube is a film directed by the Canadian Vincenzo Natali, from the success, so far, submerged, will they have bad luck at Cobalt?

Picture Cube is a system for having photos on an object of this shape and being able to see them on each side … they do not take photos of the Cobalt.

Mark Newbold's Animated Cube is a kind of Java game that illustrates the perspective capabilities designed by the Swiss Louis Albert Necker in the 1800s. They hate the Swiss at Cobalt.

Cube Comics is a shockwave animation site where animated cubes are shown in multiple characters. Cobalt doesn't like cartoons.

Electric Cube is a marketing company … at Cobalt they already know a lot. marketers, so they don't need it.

Gleaming the Cube is a TV movie with Christian Slater, but at Cobalt they don't have time to watch cable television.

Rubik?s Cube was a game that was popular about fifteen years ago among kids around the world, excluding Cobalt employees.

Not to mention the global diffusion of the various memo cubes (even my trusted coachbuilder distributed them with his name, maybe I have to warn him of the intentions of the Cobalt?) Which are nothing but stacked note sheets in the shape of a cube, we know for sure it is forbidden to take notes to Cobalt.

We exclude that hip-hop is listened to at Cobalt and most of all the great Ice Cube is absolutely banned from the discography, which if it knew of the intention (remember that they advertised with an intention and nothing more) Cobalt would report one of his latest hits: "You ain't gotta lie (to kick it)".