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AC / DCs go online, but not on the iTunes Music Store

enero 11, 2020

The online music market around the iTunes Music Store in turmoil, not only from the point of view of distribution and services, but also from the artistic one. After Eminem's new 'accusations', AC / DC is now making the news.

The Australian hard rock band finally decided to sell their music online. Surprisingly, however, the choice did not fall on the online store headed by iTunes, but by the Verizon V Cast service.

The opinion on the move of Angus Young and associates debated: according to some the band would have made a bad choice, given the pool of users and the continuous success of Apple's online platform.

For others, however, the AC / DC would have pondered an excellent strategy, which would allow them an immediate gain with Verizon V Cast, and then focus on a further agreement with iTunes.

AC / DC have sold some 150 million records worldwide in their career. The reasons for their commercial choice are not well known, but their exclusion from the catalog of the iTunes Music Store could represent a serious gap. The case could confirm some rumors circulating in recent months that would describe the conditions offered by Apple to allow artists to appear in the virtual shop of Cupertino.

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