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Widely satisfied (with some reservations) iPhone users

PC World magazine conducted a survey of some 500 iPhone owners, to collect their impressions about a month after purchasing the Apple mobile phone. The survey results show a globally satisfied user of the mobile phone (88% say they are satisfied or extremely satisfied), although there are 'if' and 'but' differently motivated.

How does iPhone give its best? In multimedia audio / video functions, which collect 90% of extremely satisfied. The figure drops to 84% for telephone functions and 83% for Internet browsing. The percentages for widgets (64% satisfaction) and for the camera were less exciting, with only 46% very satisfied.

The main complaints concern services or services connected with the performance of the AT&T network: 40% of the interviewees declared themselves disappointed by the former Cingular network. Only 61% satisfied with the quality of voice communication, a number that drops further when it comes to territorial coverage of the signal. 59% encountered significant problems, mainly attributable to the battery (33%), the touch screen (25%), Safari (24%) and other software (24%).

The users then expressed their opinions on what the shortcomings and weaknesses of the mobile phone are. We can list the inability to perform basic operations such as copy / paste, the absence of voice dialing, the inability to install software locally, the few customization options (one out of all the inability to add ringtones), lack of MMS, to-do list, video recording, Flash support and IM application; the camera without zoom and flash is also mentioned, and the battery is not very durable and cannot be replaced manually.

For the future, hopefully in a second generation equipped with a 3G connection, greater storage memory, non-limited push e-mail, wireless downloading from iTunes, games that can be used locally and not online, integrated GPS and office functions that can be compared to those of a PDA Users are heartened by the fact that many problems could be solved via online firmware update.

The results of the PC World survey do nothing but resume the (more or less critical) issues that have accompanied the distribution of the mobile phone in recent weeks.Now as of now the iPhone knows how to perform optimally the functions it has, while the the presence of some deficiencies of a certain level can represent not negligible weak points.The relevant data that these evidences come directly from the buyers, and not from those who have perhaps never seen a live iPhone.

Globally the results express undoubted satisfaction, without however postponing the necessary improvements that Apple will have to consider commin doing. The hope that Steve Jobs will listen to his customers, to further improve his product by achieving even more satisfying results, both for the company and for the users.