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iPhone, a danger to cell phones

enero 10, 2020

iPhones capable of causing serious damage to the cell phone industry and especially to the business model that the companies that manage networks have so far adopted. The profile of an iPhone dangerous for carriers comes from an interview released by Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of Rim.

According to Balsillie, with Mike Lazaridis one of the two creators of the Blackberry, to make the iPhone potentially "toxic" would be the strategy adopted by Apple which has advocated as most of the control of the marketing system on which iPhone is based: from personalizing the phone , which is completely out of the control of At & T, to the services it manages. "At & T -. says Balsillie. it simply operates as a vehicle for their strategies, a channel for what they decide. "

The fact that network services in Apple's view are only a commodity, deprives access providers and makes them succubus of the decisions that the phone manufacturer decides to make, which, in addition to being an absolute novelty in the field of mobile telephony , just dangerous for managers.

The opinion of Balsillie who, on the sidelines, claims that he has not yet seen an iPhone up close but that he is not worried about its debut anyway, seems to be shared by some European telephone operators who would have refused an agreement with Apple just for the strategy marketing of the telephone, considered too penalizing and unbalanced in favor of those that are the interests of Cupertino.

Among the carriers that refused the partnership there would have been Vodafone who would not like the inability to customize the phone and to give Apple, in addition to a part of the profits, even full control over the contents and services.

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