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In Italy Shazam is used more than in the whole world

enero 10, 2020

The application presents its augmented reality, while Italy boasts the highest number of awards per capita compared to the rest of the world

Filippo Vizzotto, Shazam's Commercial Country Manager for Italy

Investments in technology have resulted in the offer of augmented reality which is now available to all users (and, on the other hand, for customers from the company who want to take advantage of it) with the updated version of the app.

In simple words, the strategy has moved over the years following the same imperative, ciorendere clickable things that aren't, and getting an offline thing to have its own landing page online. How it was translated into a new language. After the audio one of the debuts the visual recognition, introduced 18 months ago, immersion in the Internet of Things engages the wilderness of augmented reality. Just a code (like the one below in the photo), to be framed with the smartphone's video camera after opening the app, to obtain increased content.

(photo Zoe Vincenti - Ernesto Ruscio)(photo Zoe Vincenti – Ernesto Ruscio)

The potential for concerts and events they are imaginable, they extend there as a bank of peace flag between those who hate smartphones raised in the air during live shows and those who encourage them: “There are singers who do not want anything to be filmed, others like Mengoni which instead has a technologically very advanced application and invites fans to use it. As far as we are concerned, we are a technological enabler to enrich the user experience, but the reason must be given by the artist, a brand, or whoever for them. By this I mean that there will never be a request for engagement that starts from Shazam with a push notification: we will never enter the life of users because they must be the ones to choose, and not we to propose ".

And they seem to have willingly chosen so far. If on some occasions Shazam created campaigns that started from the radio (see the exclusive contents on Sony Music Italy's Robbie Williams launched in connection with Radio Deejay, an experiment now replicated with Depeche Mode in Germany), in other cases he anticipated the success peaks . A study by the company showed that the "radio peak" of Meghan Trainor's "All about That Bass" had been anticipated by Shazam 43 days in advance. The most searched songs through the app often precede the success that they will have both on the radio and in sales.

But after becoming a reference point for recognition (many apps called the "Shazam" of something), where does the company look? “We would like to move towards the recognition of as many things as possible and not at home we voted for tools that have gone beyond audio recognition ",replies Vizzotto. "With this in mind, visual recognition went, which I personally believe is poor from an organic point of view. It would be nice to be able to become the Shazam of things, but a long and difficult process that other realities are also undertaking, but for now with little success " see Blippar, albeit with "very different proportions", or Pinterest. The philosophy of being useful for recognizing things:"Not a word taken at random, but referring to the Internet of Things."


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