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Android, malware hides in mods for Minecraft

enero 10, 2020

One million users fall victim to the trap: 87 fake apps that on the Play Store promise mods for the game but hide malware

(Photo: Mojang)(Photo: Mojang)

Using the passion for Minecraft to convey malware on Android smartphones is an insidious and even successful plan. This was reported by ESET, which it identified within the Google Play Store digital store 87 bogus apps that promise mods for the video game but actually hide malicious code capable of affecting the operation of the phone. In total, according to the analysis of the information security company, in the last two months about one million users would have fallen into the trap.

The apps identified by ESET can be divided into two groups: the first, more widespread but less dangerous, consisting of 73 very similar software and downloaded by the majority of the victims 910 thousand users. The apps belonging to this category immediately throw the mask, opening sites at their own discretion (often fraudulent) and thus revealing their nature.

The 14 remaining apps they have been downloaded by just 80 thousand users but they are more dangerous. In them a fake button for the installation of the mod in question leads to the download of an additional package from outside the Play Store, and therefore not subject to Google controls; downloaded and started the latter, the malware had no way to block operations on the smartphone, open advertising popups and download additional content from the Internet at will and then install any other software.

Google recently wanted to remember how its digital store has become more secure over time, stressing that the percentage of malicious apps inside has never been so low; evident for the work to be done still a lot, especially given the spread of Android that makes it a particularly delicious target. In the meantime, to eliminate the malware of the first group, just go to the application management menu and uninstall the apps that contain them; for the apps of the second group, before trying to uninstall the software, you must first disable their permissions by visiting the device administrator item within the security settings.


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