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With this app you can create virtual tracks for Hot Wheels cars

enero 9, 2020

Track Builder Tango uses Google technology to organize virtual races

The most beautiful part of playing with Hot Wheels mount increasingly complex and daring tracks to see later how the cars whizzing around inside them. Alternating downhill stretches to take speed and laps of death a gift from masters that we can now also pour digitally.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Tango an app that uses augmented reality to allow you to build increasingly exaggerated tracks on the screen. Clearly we have a lot of pieces available but, unlike the other augmented reality apps, this does not add a digital layer on reality but creates from scratch a new game room as big as the environment in which we are at that moment.

The beauty that, once the track is mounted, you can try it by virtually launching the cars and see how they behave. The downside instead that, as the name suggests, Hot Wheels Track Builder takes advantage of Tango, Google technology currently present in only one device, the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. If you have nothing to do, you'll have to keep running on the real slopes.


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