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Facebook Lite arrives in Italy, only for Android

enero 9, 2020

The managers of the "lean" version of Facebook tell us about the arrival in Italy: nothing Live, but the rest the same

In countries that use Facebook on low-end Androids devices, more than 30% choose the slim version, where available: "In the two years of Facebook Lite we have recorded a good response and we have noticed that many functions were good for emerging markets, but also for many other markets. This is why we lose by launching South Korea, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Italy ".

On Android, and l will remain: "This is an Android experience, because we have noticed that there are more opportunities of interest from the public. We don't plan to bring it to iOS, " Hadar replies.

Fb Lite users look for the same things as those who move on the traditional app, explain the two employees: consultation of the News Feed and sharing of posts, push notifications, and so on. The mission to streamline all operations. For example, they noticed that those who use Facebook Lite often have a habit of sharing devices, and therefore they made it it is easier to log it and log out from the platform.

Of course, it seems difficult the company to be able to equate the same experience of the traditional app of a social network that has long placed videos at the center of its market strategy, and expects, in a few more years, to make it the exclusive heart of the interaction within it: “ In fact, the videos represent one of the most important parts also for the Facebook Lite experience, and a fitting example of the attempt to find a good balance between quality experience in a light way. To do this, we need to calculate what infrastructure can handle, and what not. This means that Auto play remains the preserve of Wi-Fi, or that Live shows are not available. "

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