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The consortium, which brings together some of the most important mobile phone manufacturers, presented Quartz an operating system specifically designed for portable and handheld telephone devices. Within the next year, Quartz will be able to provide Internet access, send e-mails and perform electronic agenda functions. Still in the context of CeBit, the German mobile phone operator E-Plus (which is part of the Deutsche Telekomm group which in turn has a stake in the Italian Wind) has announced an Internet service that will allow both cell phone and computer owners to consult the services of a portal that will have as its strong point the news of Der Speigel. The goal of making the mobile phone an Internet terminal, according to many observers, destined to be successful on the market of the Old Continent. Recent research has established that by 2004 one third of citizens of European countries will access the Internet via cellular telephony. An opinion that seems to have also Bill Gates who in his constant search for new threats to Windows has identified Symbian as a dangerous enemy of the dominance of the market of the window system. "In reality – warns Wired – the market of this type of equipment is so young and fast moving, it cannot be predicted when and where it could find a landing place. After all, the main problem remains how to make money and at the moment many are trying to understand how to get revenues from the wireless Internet.

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