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enero 9, 2020

PlayStation 5 will have unique features that will set it apart from past consoles, at least as stated by Jim Ryan (CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment) in an interview with Business Insider Japan translated by the portal Gematsu.

Every time a new console is released, the processor and graphics improve. Of course these are attractive elements, but we must also have special features. We have already confirmed the use of a solid state memory unit, having almost zero loading times is a big change.

3D audio and the controller's tactile feedback support are also elements that, when tested, will leave you surprised at how big the changes are. Even just playing Gran Turismo Sport with a PlayStation 5 controller will be a completely different experience (…) it will no longer be possible to go back after having experienced the road surface with touch control and playing with adaptive triggers. There are still other unique elements of PlayStation 5 that will distinguish it from previous consoles. The "biggest differences" have yet to be announced.

During the interview, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment also spoke of the similarity between the logos of PS4 and PS5 stating that the choice to keep the same design comes from the desire to give a sense of consistency to all PlayStation brand products. Finally confirmed the support for PlayStation 4 also following the debut of the new console.

Remember that PlayStation 5 will debut at Christmas 2020 and at the Game Awards it was also announced Godfall, the first game developed for the new and highly anticipated console (details here).

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