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Super Mario Run arrives on Android in March

enero 8, 2020

After the debut on iOS, the famous plumber faces the biggest test: the large and varied Android audience

Super Mario Run

The countdown begins for all Android smartphone owners who have gnawed for the release of Super Mario Run exclusively on a temporary iPhone. After weeks in which the Play Store has been infested with annoying or dangerous fakes, it seems that the Nintendo game, the mascot's first foray into the mobile universe, will be made available for mobile phones with the Google operating system. during the month of March.

First-hand information, and comes directly from the Nintendo of America Twitter account.

Mario's arrival on Android an important test for Nintendo: for the first time its most important asset lands on a plethora of different devices, which could don't all allow for a smooth gaming experience and enjoyable as the one guaranteed by the iPhone, thus cracking the reputation that mustachioed games typically enjoy.Withing society's worries aside for a moment, March is shaping up to be a great month for Nintendo fans: not just for the invasion of their favorite plumber at smartphones all over the world, but also because the Japanese house will hit the home market with his latest console, Nintendo Switch (which we tried in preview).

Similarly to what happened at the time of the release on iOS, it is already possible to pre-register in the Google Play digital store to get a notification as soon as Super Mario Run is ready; the app will most likely keep the (high) price at which it is sold on the iPhone, but book for free as well as download the game, which will ask you to shell out the swag just for unlock the levels after the third.


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