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iPhone: almost impossible to find it in Apple stores

iPhone: almost impossible to find it in Apple stores logomacitynet1200wide 1

Sold out in the United States for iPhone. Ideally, the sign could be displayed by Apple, which during the night updated the availability of mobile phones in its stores, marking 162 of its 164 stores with the red dot.Only available, they would only be a shop in Pennsylvania (pittsburg, Shadside ) and one in Oregon (tigard, Bridgeport Village).

As early as yesterday, Apple had run out of phones in most of its stores. Apparently during the festive day of July 4th the Americans decided to go shopping by running out of supplies as they had already done in At & t stores.

Now it remains to be seen how quickly Apple will be able to restore the warehouses and support the demand that seems to be still very strong, at least judging by the interest of the media.We remember that according to some analysts Apple would have sold between 500 thousand and 750 thousand mobile phones in four days and that probably in the course of the day today could announce to have sold a million. iPhone may be the best-selling Apple product in the shortest time and one of the highest-volume consumer electronics products in history in regards to its launch.

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